Mother Nature Opens Her Eye

Sunset on Knockin Hill Park

Mother Nature Opens Her Eye

With this being the first post of the New Year, I thought it would be appropriate to share this image of a new dawn which I captured on top of nearby Knockin Hill Park, here in Victoria BC. And with the U.S. Presidential inauguration upon us in the next couple of weeks, 2017 will be an interesting year to say the least. So, I thought the world could use a little positivism right about now. And who can resist the magical allure of a sunrise, and all the fiery colours that comes with it? I know I can’t! Especially when I discover something I didn’t see at the time of the shoot…like Mother Nature’s eye opening up in the distant horizon. Don’t see it? Well with a bit of imagination, try to picture the clouds on top of the photograph representing the top eye lid, with the sun beaming as Mother Nature’s eye, and the top of the tree line acting as the lower eye lid and lashes. Add that all up and you’ve got the perfect combination for some visual magic. With that, let’s hope for a lot of 2017 magic as our neighbours to the south, not to mention the rest of the world, does its best to keep their chin up and move forward in a positive, and peaceful direction. Because a little hope and positivism can go a long way when it comes to overcoming hatred and fear. With that, I wish my all current and future clients a happy, safe and prosperous New Year!

Beacons of the Night

Ogden Point

Beacons of the Night

As you probably know, the gigantic Supermoons that bless our skies every now and then are super rare. In fact, November 14th’s Supermoon was the moon’s closest encounter with Earth since January 26th, 1948. That’s over 68 years in the making, with the next closest encounter happening again on November 25, 2034! With those bits of statistics, and even though I haven’t had much experience shooting night photography, I thought to myself that this might be as good time to try my hand at capturing some astrological magic. Given that experience was not on my side, I found it comforting that I’d have two cracks at catching the phenomena, once in the early am, and once at night fall. With the sky looking relatively clear the night before, I plotted my plan of attack and chose a good location where I thought I could catch the moon setting, with a decent landscape that would help show the scale of the Supermoon best. Being relatively new to Victoria, I thought I couldn’t go wrong with the lighthouse and pier at Ogden Point. With some tips I picked off the interweb, and the weather looking clear and gear raring to go, I set my alarm for the ungodly hour of 5am! Well as you can imaging, it didn’t take long for the alarm to go off, but with the excitement of possibly capturing something special racing through my veins, I sprung out of bed like a jack knife and raced towards the Pacific. Getting closer to town, the skies where still practically clear and I thought the chances of capturing something magnificent was looking rather good. When I finally parked close to the pier, I saw one other photographer out with the same idea as me. With that, I thought befriending the photographer would be a good way of getting some last minute tips, as well as working together so we didn’t get in one another’s line of view as the pier is only about 10 ft wide. We finally agreed upon the right area to shoot from and started taking some test snaps to help maximize our chances of capturing the moon as it neared the horizon. And then we waited. And waited. In that time I learned more about the other photographer, whose day job was carpentry. Early morning’s seemed to be his thing as that’s when he could escape his daily responsibilities momentarily, before his kids were up and needing some fatherly attention. After some chit-chat, we realized the low lying cloud cover would keep us from seeing the moon at its greatest size (which is actually an optical illusion the closer it gets to the earth’s horizon) so we had to make do with the conditions we still had. And with that, we have this photo I captured last November. Not a typical Supermoon by any means, but still quite erie, with the moon looking more like the sun on a very dark and mysterious day. And with not capturing the expected, I say shot is still a keeper. After the shot and after the moon setting behind the clouds, we packed up our gear and walked back to our cars wishing the other good luck for the moon rise happening later that evening. Unfortunately, we never got a second chance with the sky getting completely covered for the remaining part of the day and evening. Better luck next time? Well, maybe I’ll have a clearer night, and maybe some even fancier lenses in 2034 😉

How to Prepare for a Professional Head Shot.

JackFlash opens its garage doors

JackFlash Studios – Victoria

Let’s face it, with a giant lens and a bunch of lights pointing your direction, getting a portrait of yourself can be somewhat nerve-racking. But with many years of experience of putting people at ease in front of a camera, most of my clients don’t tend to take very long to loosen up and be themselves.

But for some, preparation is key to feeling as good on the inside as you do on the outside. That said, here are a few tips that will help you feel more prepared for your photo shoot.

1. Clothes
Instead of scrambling last-minute before your shoot, pick out the outfit you intend to wear at least a day before your scheduled shoot. Most head shots are from the mid-chest and up and the shirt is the most important item, so make sure its clean and crisp, preferably no bright colours, no large logos or loud patterns. For full-body shots, bring a couple of pairs of pants and shoes to choose from at the shoot.

2. Skin
If you can, drink plenty of water the week before the shoot to help keep your skin plump, smooth and clear. Eat healthy and avoid fried and salty foods. Get plenty of sleep and avoid long exposures to the sun. If you plan on getting a facial, it’s best to do so at least a week in advance.

3. Hair
Choose a hair style and/or have your hair cut a week or two in advance, as fresh cuts can sometimes look harsh.

4. Facial hair
Trim, pluck and/or choose a style of facial hair in advance. As bleaching your skin can irritate skin, and plucking can leave red marks, make sure you do so a couple of days in advance.

5. Teeth
Avoid any drinks or food that might stain your teeth on the day of your shoot.

6. Nails
There might be a few poses that could expose your hands in the final shot so ensure your nails and nail beds are trim and tidy and looking their best. For women, try choosing a neutral skin tone polish, or clear coat so your nails don’t distract the attention from your face.

7. Peace-of-mind
Take the stress out of your shoot by arriving a few minutes ahead of schedule so you can collect yourself should you get lost, or be stuck in traffic. If you know you will be traveling in rush hour, plan for it. Have the photographer’s address and phone number plugged into your phone and use GPS if you are unfamiliar with the area.

And that’s all you have to “worry” about. The rest is up to me, your photographer, where I will do everything to make sure you are comfortable so I can capture the authentic, wonderful you.

See you soon!

Batman would not be Batman, without the support of this guy

robin and batman

Robin and Batman

To date, Jack of JackFlash Photography has managed to get a good start on donations for this year’s Movember fundraising efforts to help stop men dying to young, and is hoping that as the mustaches start coming in, so will the rest of the donations!

That said, Jack would like to take this time to acknowledge the generous support he’s received so far from the local community as he searches for Mo donations from local mustashe bearing heroes, and their donations, all Movember long.

With that in mind, he’d like to thank Tessa at VIATEC for being the first onboard to back and promote his Movember fundraising efforts. He’d also like to thank Nikki and the owners of Island Business Print Group, Chris and Lorne, for donating their printing services, and even sharing the Movember messaging over the company’s social channels. He’d like to thank the local barber shops for helping him distribute the hundreds of promotional postcards to their clients, including the owners of Victory Barber and Brothers’ Barbershop. Lastly, Jack would like to thank Richard Watts at the Times Colonist, Y.A.M. Magazine and local brand architect, Doug Brown for helping spread the word even further!

Needless to say, Jack would be nowhere with his fundraising efforts without the heroic support of the above mentioned. So thanks for being our Robin everyone!

But wait, there’s Mo! JackFlash is just getting started and will be opening the campaign to local businesses later this weekend…stay tuned!

Mo press for JackFlash Photography

Free photo shoot for Movember

Times Colonist – Victoria, BC

With just one Mo day to Movember, Jack Adamson of JackFlash Photography is preparing his follicles and camera gear in anticipation for the Movember Foundation’s big month to raise money in order to help keep our fathers, brothers, sons and friends from dying too young. And lucky for JackFlash, our portrait giveaway (celebrating the heroic acts and donations from fellow mustache growers/wearers) was recently picked up by the local newspaper, the Times Colonist! With that huge vote of confidence, together with the support of the VIATEC Community, printing from the good folks at Island Business Print Group and local barber shops such as Victory Barber, and Brother’s Barbershop for distributing the promotional postcards further, JackFlash has done rather well so far, with over $300 donated to date, which is already 10% of our targeted goal! Knock on wood, we’re hoping that momentum carries the drive for donations going throughout the entire month of November, so we can ALL make a difference in the health and wellbeing of the men in our lives. Want to be a hero too? No prombem, it’s just this easy…

JackFlash Shortlisted with Canadian Geographic!

shortlisted with Canadian Geographic

Canadian Geographic photo finalist

JACKFLASH NEWSFLASH: Jack of JackFlash Photography is excited to learn that one of the first shots he ever took with a DSLR camera has recently been shortlisted for a chance to appear in one of Canada’s most breath-taking magazines, Canadian Geographic! Growing up with stacks of Canadian and National Geographic magazines around the home, it had never crossed Jack’s mind that he might one day share in the honour of being published in such a well respected magazine. But if the stars align, we might see this Vancouver Island photographer’s industrialized nature shot at a newsstand near you. Fingers and toes crossed Jack!

FREE* Photo Shoot for Victoria’s Superheroes!

photo credit: Movember Foundation Canada

photo credit: Movember Foundation Canada

Jack of JackFlash Photography is now calling beautiful Victoria, BC…”home”.

And in gratitude for all the opportunities that this wonderful community has generously provided to date, JackFlash Studios has thought of a neat way to give back…

*If you’ve grown your mustache to support the fight against prostate cancer, we think you’re a superhero. So we’d like to reward you with a professional photo shoot–a $275 value–in exchange for a $75+ donation towards the Movember Foundation.

Book your session today with and ask how you can support the cause too, even if you cannot grow a mustache:)

And if you live too far from Victoria to attend your photo shoot, you can still contribute to a great cause by donating directly to:

Portrait sessions will begin closer to the end of November–once everyone has had a chance to grow out their staches–and will continue for as long as it takes to capture as many generous participants as possible. **Please note that the offer is limited to the first 50 people, (or at the discretion of JackFlash Photography) and will be officially running from October 24th – November 30th, 2016.

A little more about The Movember Foundation: Growing a mustache for the month of November is a show of support for The Movember Foundation. The Movember Foundation is committed to addressing some of the biggest health issues faced by men: prostate cancer, testicular cancer, and mental health and suicide prevention. In 13 years The Foundation has funded more than 1,200 men’s health projects around the world. By 2030, the goal of The Movember Foundation is to reduce the number of men dying prematurely by 25%. More information about the foundation can be found at:

Thanks so much for your participation and making a difference in men’s lives. I look forward to capturing your mustache (fake or real) in all it’s glory!

batman mustache photo credit – braun

Experience Tectoria 2016

Experience Tectoria 2016

The Smile High Club

Experience Tectoria 2016 is an exclusive series of events spread across three days and is a gathering of local entrepreneurs, thought shapers and international investors to cultivate Victoria, BC’s biggest industry, technology. Bigger than tourism you ask? Well with $3.15 Billion in Annual Revenue, a $4 Billion Economic Impact and over 23,000 employees across 900 high-tech companies, that would be a definite yes. And after photographing this year’s Viatec Awards, I’ve come to the conclusion that the tech industry really knows how to have a good time. The three days were spread across the downtown core of Victoria which gave the heads of tech start-ups an opportunity to speak to the innovations of their product and/or company, which in turn generated feedback from more the experienced tech companies who would help point the tech hopeful towards success. There were also a few investors lurking quietly in the crowd who kept a close watch for the next big thing. One of my favourite parts of the three day event was the Fuckup Night at Yuk-Yuk’s, where three entrepreneurs candidly shared their learnings with the audience after some of their worst business “fuck-ups”, which made for some pretty entertaining stories for all…after the fact. Some of the venues needed water transportation, and even included an aerobatic tour which gave the high-flying community a bird’s eye view of what its like to soar to the top. In this shot of us departing the seaplane, we have a very delighted investor showing us what he thought of the last leg of the tour. And as the old saying goes, “A picture tells a thousand words”.

You’ve Got Mail!

Canada Post

You’ve Got Smiles!

Meet Dawn. She is a rather special postal worker for Canada Post, who not only delivered mail to Victoria’s downtown core, but as you can see, also delivered plenty of smiles along the way. You see, each and every day, we would be entertained by Dawn’s vitality for life, who often brightened our days with eventful stories, not to mention all the fun accessories that she would add to her postal uniform…such as her candy cane patterned socks, and maple leaf scarf we see in this studio portrait. Although I hadn’t been on Dawn’s route for too long before Canada Post made some changes to her route, but I heard this red and white getup was one of her tamer outfits, as she really liked to push the envelope (pardon the pun) when it came to dressing up and in turn lighting up peoples faces around the city. One of her best outfits I hear was Cruella de Vil of Disney’s “101 Dalmatians”. But sadly it all came to an end a few months ago, which meant receiving mail was no longer an event to look forward too. (The next postal worker just delivered the mail…can you imagine 😉 Lucky for me, Dawn had agreed to spending some time with me the other day in order to help me capture the personality that the office grew to appreciate over the years. With that, I wish Dawn all the best on her new route/journey, and I’m happy that more people around Victoria get to share in her positive energy, through the simple act of delivering the mail, with a story and a smile.

Getting Industrial

The industrial side of Inglewood

26th Ave SE

It’s official. I’ve entered my first every photo contest today. I know the chances are small of ever winning these sorts of things, but what I do know for sure is that there’s a 100% chance that I won’t win a thing if I don’t enter to begin with! Am I right people? So with that sort of mathematical reasoning, I’ve decided to enter a handful of photos to Canada’s National Geographic photo competition to see if I can muster any attention for JackFlash Photography, here in Victoria. There are a bunch of candid shots of people in all sorts of environments such as this photograph that would’ve been perfect to enter into the Aboriginal section of the contest, but at the time of  taking that shot, I had no idea it would be a portfolio piece, let alone something I’d like to enter into a contest one day, so I neglected to get consent from the ‘model’ which automatically makes it void for such photography contests. Live and learn, I say 😉 So….I rolled up my sleeves to see if I could find any other photos I’d be proud enough to enter, and didn’t need anyone’s consent! That said, this moody photograph shot one foggy night in one of Calgary, Alberta’s industrial areas was one of my entry picks. This photo was selected simply for its raw textures and colour, not to mention the perspective that takes you down the road, perhaps to discover the back of the truck with a funky mural of a person’s face on its back sliding door. Or the many other bits of visual information you might discover if you look closely enough. But I won’t jinx the rest of my submissions by writing about them here in this blog. Instead, I bid them well on their journey with the hopes of catching them in a National Geographic mag one day….not for the prizes themselves, but to be able to share what I love doing so much with the rest of the world, or in this case, Canada. Fingers and toes crossed!