Lights, camera…no action!

Lisa, producer

Lisa, producer

To get some more unique photographic opportunities, I recently joined the Vancouver Island South Film & Media Commission to get in on some the action. I also have a secret goal (shhhh!) of becoming a  Director of Photography, (DOP) for something epic one day, but for now, I’m prepared to do some grunt work to help earn my way up through the industry’s rankings. And as luck would have it, I got a call within just a couple of days of joining the film commission for a last minute job over Easter to capture some behind the scene stills for a new series that’s set to air in September of this year. Speaking of secrets, I can’t speak too much to about who was shot or the name of the show until its debut, but here’s a nice candid shot of one of the show’s producers, Lisa, who was keeping a watchful eye on the action happening outside the bay window. She was also multitasking as she was sitting in for me to test some lighting options for one of the shots to be taken in case of bad weather. But luckily, the weather cooperated beautifully, not to mention the actors were given a quick break from their shoot just before the golden hour came into play. So once I had the official go-ahead, I was only given a handful of minutes to capture a couple of group shots of the cast and crew, as well as a few pairings of the show’s actors, all with Victoria’s beautiful gorge as the set’s main background. That said, the young actors were extremely mature and professional and kicked into gear to help make the most of our very limited window of time together. All in all, I can’t wait to share a few shots from that evening on my social channels and on this site later this year!

Queen Mother

Queen mother is in the house.

Queen Mother

A couple of years ago, I thought I gave my mum the biggest, and best surprise for her birthday by shipping myself over to my hometown, Toronto. Once I landed, I took a cab from the airport to my grandmother’s nursing home where I knew mum would be visiting that day. Once I spotted her sitting in the home’s lobby, I pulled out my phone and gave mum a ‘long-distance’ call. Snickering to myself, I found it quite entertaining that I was having a conversation with my very own mother who at the time did not realize that her son was standing directly above her. Eventually, I took my phone from my ear and started taking photos of mum as she continued the conversation with me. I must say, it was quite the treat to see mum’s face go from a blank stare to a state of confusion as she thought to herself, “why is this strange young man taking random photos of me?” That’s when I decided it was time to drop the bomb and wish mum a happy birthday. It was a stunt that I thought would be unbeatable and go down into birthday surprise history. But that reign ended last week with mum somehow one-upping me! Yup, together with my wife, the dynamic duo planned and executed the ultimate birthday surprise. The sneaky pair somehow timed my mum’s arrival to land just one hour before my wife’s plane landed from a conference that she attended in LA. And after greeting my wife at arrivals, we walked into the airport’s restaurant to grab a quick bite before the drive home. And wouldn’t you know it, out of the corner of my eye , I noticed that there was a ‘strange’ woman taking candid photos of me. Eventually I made my way to the woman who was hiding half her face behind her tablet camera to ask her what she was up to. As I neared, I realized that this strange woman was actually my mother giving her son some well timed payback. With that, I decided that it would be a good time to give mum a different kind of payback, one that she could hold onto for years to come. A portrait fit for a queen–of paybacks.

JackFlash Opens in Victoria, BC!

JackFlash opens its garage doors

Now open for business!

As of this week, JackFlash Photography has officially opened its (garage) doors here in beautiful Victoria, British Columbia. With a fresh lick of white paint (OK, four coats of white paint) floor to ceiling, and an old-school hand-painted logo, the studio can’t wait for its first set of clients to walk in its doors…and you guessed it, strike a pose! Actually, we already have an interesting set of characters lined up for some creative studio portraits in the coming weeks (stay tuned!), but as you can tell by the portfolio of work, Jack Adamson isn’t just limited to professional studio photography. Instead, Jack would like to keep his options open for various photographic opportunities such as engagements, weddings, events, and soon hopes to focus (pardon the pun) his efforts on capturing some genuine moments in time for families and children. Maybe even new borns? In the meantime, there’s plenty to keep us busy here in Victoria, including exploring more of this wonderful island…like driving up island to jaw dropping Tofino…or going for a bike ride along the Galloping Goose…or paddle boarding along the Gorge Waterway…or nursing a cold pint of Hoyne at one of Victoria’s many fine establishments, or…etc. I think you get the drift 😉 That said, it’s been a move eight years in the making, but we’ve finally decided to take the plunge and make a real go of it here, and we couldn’t be more excited!!! So thanks for having us Victoria, we hope to add to your vibrance and character by capturing you, your inhabitants and your visitors in authentic, memorable ways.



Prop for Coors Lite Commercial

Get yourself ad 30 ft wing span

The Great Escape

I found this old movie prop at Reclaimed Canada, back in Calgary Alberta.  A magical place in Ramsay’s industrial’s district where you can take a step back into the past and cherish certain relics that have been brought back to life for the next generation of retro enthusiasts.