Walking the Walk

Walk this way

Walking the Walk

I had the pleasure of checking out a two day BCtech Summit in Vancouver last week. It was quite amazing seeing so many tech brains coming together to strut their stuff. With speeches from Tesla‘s JB Straubel to exhibits that allowed you dissect a dog through virtual reality,  there was definitely something for everyone. But with two days of being at any convention, you need to take a break from it all, so that’s exactly what I did! And since I’ve only visited Vancouver only a couple of times, I decided to grab my camera and hit the streets to see what I could find. Lucky for me, I had already heard of Granville Island, a tiny little  island with a bunch of character in the heart of downtown Vancouver, so it was the first place I hit on my list. And with so much character going for the island with a handful of restaurants, cafes, and artsy stores, it also happens to be the perfect setting for Emily Carr University of Art and Design, founded by none other than Emily Carr herself in 1925. In this featured blog shot, we see one of the students existing class and walking down one island’s alleyways. It was the building’s raw metallic siding in combination of the yellow pops of colour found on the lampposts that first caught my attention, so I pulled out my camera to find the most interesting angle. But wouldn’t you know it, people kept on walking out of the building each time I was about to press my shutter button. So, eventually I gave up on trying to capture the raw architecture on its own, and created the “distractions” into the opportunity that you see in this photo. A person that looks like they’re walking towards the light at the end of the tunnel, a classic metaphor of hope when the journey looks long and tiresome. With that, I wish all the students at the university a bright and successful future ahead. You can do it!

Mo press for JackFlash Photography

Free photo shoot for Movember

Times Colonist – Victoria, BC

With just one Mo day to Movember, Jack Adamson of JackFlash Photography is preparing his follicles and camera gear in anticipation for the Movember Foundation’s big month to raise money in order to help keep our fathers, brothers, sons and friends from dying too young. And lucky for JackFlash, our portrait giveaway (celebrating the heroic acts and donations from fellow mustache growers/wearers) was recently picked up by the local newspaper, the Times Colonist! With that huge vote of confidence, together with the support of the VIATEC Community, printing from the good folks at Island Business Print Group and local barber shops such as Victory Barber, and Brother’s Barbershop for distributing the promotional postcards further, JackFlash has done rather well so far, with over $300 donated to date, which is already 10% of our targeted goal! Knock on wood, we’re hoping that momentum carries the drive for donations going throughout the entire month of November, so we can ALL make a difference in the health and wellbeing of the men in our lives. Want to be a hero too? No prombem, it’s just this easy… mobro.co/jackflashcares

All You Need Is Love

Sitting on Victoria BC's gorge water way

True Love

Since slowly transitioning over to photography from my successful advertising career, I’ve seen my industry finally embrace the LGBTQ community to the point where it’s now become a bit of a trend. Well I say, “better late than never” as the world continues to see all sorts of global brands jumping on the bandwagon of ‘acceptance’.  Trending or not, it brings me great happiness to see the world growing up in that respect, and that more and more people out there are slowly becoming more comfortable to be in their own skins, and no longer feeling the shame that once came with their displays of love and affection towards one another. With that, here’s a candid photo I took of two of my closest friends sitting by The Gorge along Victoria’s inner harbour a few years ago. Little did I know at that time that these two where about to announce there love to the world, and where planning to come back to the Island to get married up in Tofino a few months later! Unfortunately for me, I was just tinkering with photography at the time, and I wasn’t able to offer my photography services to them, which would’ve been the ultimate wedding gift. That said, with a couple of solid years of photography now under my belt, I’m hoping to not only build my reputation as a top engagement and wedding photographer here on Vancouver Island, but to also to specialize my portfolio of work around the LGBTQ community one day. To help speed up that dream and turn it into reality a little faster, I’m currently offering discounted rates to the colourful LGBTQ community to help capture their special day of union. So let’s start the conversation and discuss your photographic expectations today at: jackflash.photography/#connect

Eye of the Beholder

Boy looks away from window, Calgary

Curious Soul

Whenever I look into the eyes of our next generation, I see see innocence, optimism, and excitement for all that is new and fun. It’s a generation with far less barriers, filters and anything else that seems to get in our way as we slowly “mature” into adulthood.

And that’s the very reason why I enjoy photographing kids. You just don’t what you’re going to get, and I find that mystery exciting! And all you have to do as a photographer is keep your finger on the trigger at all times, anticipating next moves, because you never know when that magical moment will introduce itself to you and your lens. I learned that pretty quickly on my first toddler birthday event the other month which hosted about 45 one year old’s crawling about on the floors of a local community hall.

Needless to say the little buggers had me crawling on the floor along side of them as they went about their playful shenanigans. And did I mention I was also operating a photo booth between all the action? Well after loosing about 20 lbs in sweat that day, I truly feel that I came out a better (stronger) photographer, and I have a one year old to be thankful for.

In this photo, I captured a rare calm moment in the day of Max (a Macaulay Culkin doppelgänger) as he looked out the window, before turning his attention to me. It was a millisecond of intense interest from Max–then bam! He was off to discover a new adventure.

Fetching Scenery

Woman walking her dog on Tofino Beach

A Dog’s Life

Tofino, a small town with just over 1800 people, is about a four hour drive from beautiful Victoria, British Columbia. It’s a rather special place with a coastline that’s as raw as it gets. In fact, as soon as you arrive, you feel like you’re on the edge of the world, where mother nature really shows you who’s boss. You literally can feel the thunderous waves vibrating through your whole body as they crash into the jagged rocks beneath you. The rainforests along the coastline also command a jaw drop or two with lush variations of green and ancient trees that watch over you while you explore the well maintained trails beneath.

Another must see, especially if you’re into the micro brewery scene, is locally owned and operated Tofino Brew Company. Here you’ll find an assortment of well flavoured beers to match your mood or occasion. A surprising favourite of mine was the Hopping Cretin IPA which nipped at my tastebuds like few other IPAs have. With that, I was sure not to leave empty handed and I look forward to topping up my growler next time I’m in town.

Needless to say, Tofino is a magical stay, and whether you’re a photographer or not, you’ll be sure to have your camera out a bunch as you do your best to capture all that is Tofino, B.C.. Just keep in mind that these rugged landscapes also come with a lot of rain, so don’t forget to pack something to keep your camera and lens safe and dry! This rain cover from The Camera Store is what I packed with me, which I found to be a very practical and cost effective ($10) solution to keep my baby from the harsh elements.

That all being said, stay dry and have fun out there!

There’s Always Hope

red bike

There’s Always Hope

There’s always something interesting that catches your eye while riding around the city of Victoria, BC. On this cloudy day, I spotted a discarded red bicycle near the Point Hope Shipyard. I thought that capturing the little red bike under the “Hope” part of the shipyard’s name which would speak to the world’s wishes for a better tomorrow for the many generations to come.


iron guy at Cosplay, Calgary

Chrome Head

It was all fun and games at this year’s Calgary’s Comic Expo where anyone and everyone fits right in. Everywhere you look, people of all ages were able to express themselves within their favourite alter ego, all the while checking out some impressive booths that managed to cater to every costuming need. So if you missed out this year’s expo and you’re looking for a little escape, I highly recommend you check out next year’s convention if you can.

Knockan Hill Park

Couple enjoy sunset

Chill on the Hill

Knockan Hill Park is a little gem of a park found in Victoria’s View Royal district. Perched up on a hill, visitors can enjoy 360 degree views where they can watch both sunrise and sunsets in a park that feels like it’s your very own. A very special place indeed if you happen to be in the neighbourhood.

Need a Wedding Photographer to Capture Your Big Day in Victoria BC?

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