Regina's Fine Meats

Regina’s Fine Meats

Partnering CrackerJack Communications.

In the today’s world of marketing and advertising, custom photography is key to any marketing campaign, or content creation. That’s why JackFlash Photography has partnered with CrackerJack Communications  to become the agency’s exclusive in-house photographer.

With over 20 years of award-winning, world-class experience in the ad industry, CrackerJack’s founder Jack Adamson has learned from the best minds in the business while working for a few multi-national agencies around the world. Jack has taken that learning and now offers smaller, more boutique clients the same level of strategic thinking he once offered global brands with much deeper pockets, but at a fraction of the cost of what traditional agencies tend to bill out. The key to achieving this was to create a unique agency model with a virtual team of close to 30 professionals spread across Canada, which results in having no costly overhead to be passed down to its clients. Additionally, CrackerJack only uses seasoned professionals with category experience to ensure its creative solutions hit their mark with greater impact and quicker turn arounds, every time.

Take this poster for Regina’s Fine Meats for example. Regina is a local butcher who offers quality free-range meat at a good price. Being a small business owner, Regina didn’t have much of a budget to hire a team of professionals to devise a campaign promise for her meat shop, let alone a budget for original photography to bring those ideas to life. But with close collaboration between CrackerJack Communications and its in-house photographer JackFlash Photography, the two entities were able to help Regina develop a creative solution, despite her shoe string-budget. In the end, the teams managed to nail a strong brand promise that translated effectively into multiple mediums, from print, to digital, to some very creative point-of-purchase items that helped Regina see a very noticeable increase in business within a very short period of time.

With that, we hope that this special partnership between communications and in-house photography will help make our client’s lives a little simpler, so that they can concentrate on what they know best. Their business.